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About the Lady Warriors

"In it to Win it!"

In 1999, a competitive fastpitch softball organization known as the Lady Warriors was formed in Lafayette Colorado. We began with 4 teams and grew to support up to 9 teams annually, at various age and skill levels. We are very proud of our past successes and how many young ladies benefited from participating. It's estimated that over 50 girls received some form of sponsorship or college scholarships from their fastpitch participation. 

We are proud of the fact that our Teams secured 10 different Colorado State Championships in ASA, USSSA, Triple Crown and AFA! 

Our National exposure resulted in a 2002 USSSA 14A National 3rd Place Finish, 2006 18A Triple Crown World Series 2nd Place Finish and the 2013 16A ASA National Champion! 

Thanks to Kyle Hancock, Randy Davenport and Kevin Joseph for their videos, photos, website and multimedia contributions! 

Our Coaches and team parent-volunteers are second to none and we will highlight those folks and the incredible effort and time they put forth.

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Jennifer Ann Fligg

In Loving Memory

In the belief that a heart filled with love knows no separation from those who live on in memory. 

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Through the years!
Founded in 1999!


First year - 4 Teams!

Our first year had 4 teams, 10U, 12U, 14U & 16U. Laneigh Walters and Sandra Chacon coached the 10U's. Our 12U team was coached by Deb Francis, April Martinez and Antonio Nuanez. Dave Hassett coached our first 14U team.


4 Teams again!

We are excited for our 2nd opportunity to run the 6-Game Showdown as a fundraiser! 63 teams from 3 States took part in this AFA sanctioned National Qualifier! 10u's Head Coach was Sandra Chacon with Laneigh Walters assisting. Bill Fligg took on the 12's with Scott Graham assisting. Mark Baker took on the 14's as Head Coach. Monte LaRocque and Sandi Otto were Assistant Coaches. Dave Hassett kept his 16B Team with April Martinez assisting.


4 Teams and 2 took ASA State! Our 10u & 14B teams both were State Champions!

Head Coach Laneigh Walters back running the 10's with Bob Nichols assisting. Robin Willert was our Head Coach for the 12u's with Bob Estrada assisting. Bill Fligg took his team to the A level and was assisted by Monte LaRocque and Lee Rayman. April Martinez led the 16's with Mark Baker assisting.

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6 Teams and our 14A Team took 3rd in the USSSA Nationals in Orlando!

We're now up to 6 Teams! Two of them are moving up to 'A' level ball! 10's are coached by Laneigh Walters and Craig Connelly. Our 12u team moved up to 'A' ball and is coached by Bob Estrada with Bob Nichols assisting. Bill Fligg's 14's moved up to 'A' ball and his Assistants are Monte LaRocque and Lee Rayman. Willie Aiken headed up a newly-formed 14B squad with Joe Valdez assisting. Our 16's moved to 'A' ball with Head Coach Mark Baker and April Martinez assisting. Our first 18A Team was formed and Joe Oestereicher was named head coach with help from Dan Dorca.


6 Teams!

Mike Lujan formed his first team this year with help from Mark Serino. Our 12B team was led by Chris Rahrich with assistants Bob Nichols and Cindy Fullmer. Our 14 teams wanted more action and so we had three 16u's this year! Head Coach Bill Fligg continues as 16A Head Coach with Monte LaRocque and Randy Davenport joining the staff. Mike Thomson has the 16B-Blue Team with Veronica Cepak assisting. Willie Aiken is Head Coach for the 16B-Red Team. April Martinez took the 18A team with Mark Baker and Sandy Otto assisting.


6 Teams!

Bob Bledsoe joins the Lady Warriors and will coach one of two 12B teams this year. Mike Lujan will take the other team. Cindy Fullmer takes on the 14A Team with assistants Bob Nichols and Brooke Fullmer helping out. Bill Fligg's group is moving to 16A with Monte LaRocque and Randy Davenport assisting. Mike Thomson leads our other 16A Team with Stuart Roath assisting. Willie Aiken formed a 16B Team and Joe Valdez is assisting. April Martinez kept her group intact and moved up to 18A with Mark Baker assisting. 

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6 Teams with our 18A Majors team taking 2nd place in the Triple Crown World Series National Championship!

Bob Bledsoe and Mike Lujan split the Head Coach role for their 12A Team with John Maul assisting. Former CHS player Carissa Lopez formed a 12B Team with Larry Gartrell and Natalie Polenychko assisting. Randy Pinto joined our organization and took the 14B Squad. Maura Amaral, Amy Schweikert and Dan Roacho assisted. Art Allen was our Head Coach for the a 16A Team. Bill Fligg rebuilt his Team with Monte LaRocque and Breeann DiCarlo assisting. They'll eventually take 2nd in the Colorado USSSA 18A Majors and finish 2nd in the Nation in 18A Triple Crown World Series in Park City, Utah! Mike Thomson returns with his 18A team!


6 Teams!

Bob Bledsoe continues as Head Coach for our 12A team. Mike Lujan moved up to 14A with assistants Randy Rendon and Rene' Rubio. Willie Aiken headed up our 18A Team, helped out by Ken Stone, Joe Oestereicher, Amy Graham and Mike Vega. Bill's Fligg 18A Team is starting late with several players already playing in college, but with the ability to play competitive ball as a Freshman. Monte LaRocque continued an Assistant Coach.


5 Teams!

Greg Lord is head coach of the 14C squad. Bob Bledsoe and Mike Lujan team up again to run the 14A team. Coach Roacho has 16B's. Greg Fifield has the 16A team and Mike Thomson coaches the 18A team.

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6 Teams!

Our 10u coach is Nic Sanchez. John Maul is taking the 12u squad. Greg Lord has the 14c team and Mike Lujan has the 14A team. Coach Schmid has the 16A team and Mike Thomson is at 18A.



9 Teams!

Nic Sanchez is coaching a 10u team, Coach Johnson has one 12u team with Coahes Rodriguez & Ramirez leading the other. John Maul has the 14b team, Coach Estrada the 14c and Randy Pinto the 14b team. Mike Lujan doing double duty and handling both 16A and 18C teams. Mike Thomson has the 18A group.



5 Teams!

10's coached by Mike Thomson, Nic Sanchez is taking the 12's. Kurt Foster has another 12B team with John Maul coaching the 14's at the A level. Mike Lujan rounds out the coacthing at 16A!

Home: Meet the Coaches


9 Teams!

Greg Macias is coaching our 10u squad. Mike Thomson taking the 12u's. Greg Means, Tom Van Lone and Nic Sanchez all have 14u teams. John Maul and Chris Hutton coach our 14A teams. Coach Mathews leads the 16A team and Mike Lujan has our 18A Team.



6 Teams!

Greg Macias is once again our 10u Head Coach. Kurt Foster is taking the 12B squad. Johnson has a 2nd 12B team. Nic Sanchez has the 14B Team. Tony Dilullo has the 16B Team and Spendlow has the 18A Team.



5 Teams including the ASA 16A National Champion!

Another great year! Nic Sanchez's 16A Team wins the ASA 16A Western Nationals! Congratulations! Coach Johnson is our 12u coach. Kurt Foster is heading up 14's. Nic did it up at 16A! Coach Rolles has a 16u team and Tony Dilulllo has a 16u Team.

Home: Meet the Coaches

Incredible Folks helping us.....

Pete Sprenkle, Mark Hoskins, Bill & Donna Fligg, Dave Hassett, Jill Washburn, Kyle & Deb Hancock, Kevin & Tammy Joseph, Mike Thomson, Mike Lujan, Randy & Patty Davenport, Mary Jo Fegundo, Monte LaRocque, Bob Bledsoe, Lee Rayman, Sandra Chacon, Gary Chacon, Laneigh Walters, Mark Baker, Deb Francis, April Martinez, Willie Aiken, Joe Valdez, Mark Najera, Kevin Fullmer, Jeff Claxton, Alan Jorgenson, Doug & Peggy Broyles, Nic Sanchez, Troy Schmid, Felicia Sanchez, John Maul, Sandra Otto, Cindy Fullmer, Bob Estrada, Bob Nichols, Joe Quintana, Orville Zimmerman, Chris Rayrich, Patty Lowe, Mark Sireno, Chris Hutton, Greg Lord, David Graves, Mary Beth Lemley, Dan Roacho, Jason Crispin, Joe Jackson, Lisa Lowe, Paul Roper, Coach Troy, Kurt Foster, Robin Willert, Brooke Fullmer, Debbie Benson, Stuart Roath, Tom Van Lone, Greg Macias, Joe Oestereicher and Dan Dorcas.


Our Centaurus High School Partner!

Thanks to Pete Sprenkle, former CHS Head Coach who helped us form the Lady Warriors. His assistance was invaluable.

Thanks to CHS AD Paul Roper for partnering with us and helping us build feeder teams to support HS Softball.

Thanks to CHS Head Coach Jason Crispin for his support and participation in our organization.

Our Incredible Coaches!

We've had some incredible coaches in our organization, including Pro Baseball players, the youngest player ever inducted to the ASA Colorado Hall of Fame! One High School Head Coach with 7 Colorado State Championships! Countless others with D1 experiences and strong HS coaching backgrounds. Here is the type of talent we had leading these young ladies!

Home: Meet the Coaches
Home: Meet the Coaches

"The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart"

Robert Green Ingersoll

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