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Softball Game

2006 Teams

6 Teams! Bob Bledsoe continues as Head Coach for our 12A team. Mike Lujan moved up to 14A with assistants Randy Rendon and Rene' Rubio. Joe Quintana joins us and has the 16B squad. Willie Aiken headed up our 18A Team, helped out by Ken Stone, Joe Oestereicher, Amy Graham and Mike Vega. Bill Fligg's 18A Team is starting late with several players already playing in college, but with the ability to play competitive ball as a Freshman. Monte LaRocque continues an Assistant Coach. Centaurus HS Coach Julie Bulfer is fielding a 18C club, primarily of CHS Varsity and JV players not playing upper level competitive ball.

2006 Teams: Projects

12A (Bledsoe)

Softball Glove

14A (Lujan)

Picture 112.jpg

16B (Quintana)

Softball Equipment

18A (Aiken)

team pic with banner.jpg

18A (Thomson)

Warriors 2006 Large Web view.jpg

18A (Fligg)

Team in front of Sign.JPG
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